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Ruston/English Electric Spare Parts

Outside of the manufacturers facility D&L; Diesels has one of the largest inventory of spare parts suitable for use on the entire range of Ruston/English Electric engines. Spare parts availability is critical in assuring engine downtime is kept to a minimum. We assess our inventory requirements by continually analysing our customers demand patterns. Our stocks are managed by our own computer controlled system allowing us freedom to purchase parts for stock as and when the need arises.

Service and Repair
In addition we undertake in-situ service and repair/overhaul assignments on a world wide basis and can offer qualified technical support in this connection as well as to back up our after market spare parts business.

Factory Reconditioning Service
We also offer a factory reconditioning service for those components and assemblies that can be reliably and economically recycled – Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads etc. – and according to specific customer demand we can supply used/refurbished complete engines and major engine components. All reconditioned assemblies, sub-assemblies or components can be delivered with Lloyds or equal inspection certification as appropriate.

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