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Parts & Service for Perkins Engines
D&L; Diesels aim is to provide total customer support, to a level which exceeds customers’ needs … »

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Spare Parts Suitable For Use On Perkins Engines

D&L; Diesels aim is to provide total customer support for Perkins Diesel Engines, to a level which exceeds customers’ needs and expectations. Customers know wherever a Perkins Diesel powered machine operates, the user will have peace-of-mind provided by D&L; Diesels. We can supply engineers, expert advice, parts & technical support wherever in the world. You can count on D&L; Diesels to deliver top performance and long life parts, because they are built to high-quality specifications.

We supply parts suitable for use on the following Perkins Diesel Engines:

400 diesel Series2, 3, 40.5 to 2.2 litre / 7 to 45 KW
800 diesel Series43.3 litre / 43 to 60 KW
1100 diesel Series3, 4, 63.3, 4.4, 6 litre / 39 to 130 KW
2300 diesel Series614 litre / 300 to 450 KVA
2800 diesel Series616 & 18 litre / 400 to 650 KVA
4000 diesel Series6, 8, 12, 16395 to 2255 KVA

Product Support – For Diesel Engines
D&L; Diesels spare parts are renowned for quality, performance and reliability. This is supported by excellent customer service. Our primary objective is to ensure that if you require diesel engine parts or your Perkins Diesel engine needs repairing, that the service is completed quickly, efficiently and correctly, first time.

D&L; Diesels, for all your Diesel Engine Spares.

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